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Covid-19 impact. While most shipments are moving normally, rapidly changing state and local mandates have caused some carriers to reduce service areas. If your shipment supports critical medical, storm, outage, or restoration work, please call 800.211.0465.

MidAmerican Energy pays all charges related to the procurement of materials according to the terms and conditions of our Purchase Orders. Most MidAmerican Energy Purchase Orders are issued with 3rd Party freight terms and instructions for shipping.

It is our policy to deny all freight charges submitted against Purchase Orders issued with collect freight terms.

MidAmerican Energy values our vendor relationships and recognizes that mistakes and oversights are made from time to time. If you believe your freight charges were denied in error, please proceed below for instructions on submitting a dispute. If your invoice is paid, it may be subject to an administrative fee and payment may be reduced by any transportation cost in excess of MidAmerican Energy normal contracted rates.


The following exceptions are the only scenarios that will be considered for dispute

  • A purchase order was issued with freight terms prepay and add
  • A purchase order was issued with freight terms that conflict with a contract or quote

  • A purchase order was issued after the material shipped
  • A purchase order was never issued

  • A purchase order was issued with collect freight terms and the material was mistakenly shipped prepaid


The following information must be included with your request:
  • In the subject line enter the MidAmerican Energy purchase order
  • Send as an attachment, an image of your invoice
  • Send as an attachment, an image of the original carrier invoice
  • A written explanation of the reason for the dispute

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